/ Rann of kutch

Experience infiniteness in the Rann of Kutch

Imagine a breathtaking canvas of spotless white unrolling before you. Stark, sometimes flat, sometimes undulated, glowing a pristine white under an ageless moon.


Rann of Kutch, Asia’s largest salt desert, is just that – a visual treat that will dazzle you with its brilliance.

The great Rann

If you want to give ‘commonplace’ a miss, then Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is the destination for you.

Enveloped in deep surreal silence, this stretch of salt marsh, desolate and austere, stirs your imagination…

Rann of kutch

And lures you deeper and wider into its mysterious charisma.


Venture into the indefiniteness of the Kutch under a full moon, and come back with the feeling that you have finally cracked the code of ethereal beauty.



A passionate writer and traveler, Devleena loves to explore life by travelling to new places and penning down her experiences. Along with travelogues she loves to pen down poems and short stories

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Experience infiniteness in the Rann of Kutch
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