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Kerala: Nature’s very own!

When you visit Kerala, you instantly realize why they call it God’s own country. Tucked far away from the cacophony of the cities, Munnar, Kerala’s well kept secret, leaves you marveling at the wonder of nature. Ranipuram-Kerala

Lush green hills, quaint houses gently dotting the slopes, with the sun and clouds in playing in harmony makes you feel that you are standing in the midst of a canvas.

Find yourself completely in sync with the tune of nature as you gently cruise through the famed backwaters of Kerala.

The serenity, broken by the rhythmic ripple of the water against your boat, makes for a perfect getaway for the traveler in you.



A passionate writer and traveler, Devleena loves to explore life by travelling to new places and penning down her experiences. Along with travelogues she loves to pen down poems and short stories

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Kerala: Nature’s very own!
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