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Tamasha’s frame of Corsica

All of us remember the iconic song Matargashti, from the film Tamasha. A good chunk of the film was shot in Corsica, France and if you have watched the video, you would have seen this particular location for sure! The Staircase of the King of Aragon, is known locally as Escalier du Roi d’Aragon. It is a staircase that is carved on the vertical side of a limestone cliff in Corsica. While from afar the staircase looks like a diagonal slash on the stone, on a closer look it is quite a sight. It is perfect for photo stops and for wandering by yourself!

Allard-Schager500px_vzogvs-1-The Staircase of the King of Aragon, Corisca, France. PC: Allard Schager

It is comprised of 187 steps and legend has it that the staircase was actually dug overnight by the troops of King of Aragon Alonso V (leading to its name). However, many believe that these stairs that lead to a cave were dug by Franciscan monks much before the troops even set foot in Bonifacio in 1420. Some others also believe that the first steps were carved in the Neolithic times and has been improved upon since by different people.

Whichever is true, this is a must visit sight when one is in Corsica, France!

Tamasha’s frame of Corsica
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