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Top 5 traditions in Bhutan that fascinates travellers!

IMAG1080_20160414150957138_oqv1gz-1-Khira and gho adorned by our local guides in Bhutan!

Kira and Gho:

This is the traditional attire of the people in Bhutan and the government of Bhutan requires all men and women to adorn the traditional attire when they are on duty and when they visit the dzongs and monasteries. While the men and women can be fashionable for a night out with friends in western attire, they suit up in Kira and Gho for work with equal ease.

The country ruled by the monarch and monastery:

India has a fair amount of royal families, which though respected might not necessarily, be a political spearhead of the region. Bhutan however is ruled by a king and the apolitical Dratshang Lhentshog (Monastic Affairs Commission). In fact, the Tashichho Dzong is a fortress and monastery where the King works alongside the monastic body.

IMAG11311_yayzd0-1-Masks at display

Masked dances of different regions:

There are many forms of masked dance in Bhutan, a few of which are common to Tibet and certain parts of India. Each dance form has a number of masks denoting different characters which help in performance. Each dance form is said to have been created by Buddhist masters who often see the same in visions. The Folk Heritage Museum houses a huge collection of masks of different dance forms.


In many parts of the world, archery is looked upon as a sport or a weapon for hunting. In Bhutan, it is a tradition and youngsters take pride in showing off their skills. Many a times, one might come across an archery competition where men compete against each other and are cheered on by their supporters with zest. It is quite a sight!


king_queens_rcif6g-1-The fourth king with his wives

It is common knowledge that the fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck was married to four sisters. While visitors to the country are surprised by the happy family picture which is available in the souvenir stalls, the locals respect their fourth King and explain that marriage to sisters was quite a common practice.
Top 5 traditions in Bhutan that fascinates travellers!
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