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Why hitting Christmas markets in Europe makes it to the bucket list?

A pampering holiday needs two important things – indulgence and shopping. The Christmas River Cruise offers both, and in Europe too. The residents here gear up for the biggest holiday of the year with zest. The Christmas markets are a tradition that lights up neighbourhoods of European countries and welcomes hordes of people to be a part of their celebration.

Aboard the ship, indulge in good food, great wine, some music and conversation. We would also be stepping out to explore some of the oldest and well known Christmas markets where one can shop to heart’s content and be sure that the wares are handmade and unique. For once, you would be happy to have ditched the malls. We have here, a cheat sheet for our Christmas Cruise wanderers to help you pick the best of things at these markets!

Cruise down the Rhine this December

In case you’re in the mood for a very pampering holiday to Europe during this festive season, we are repeating this trip for you. Imagine a grand cruise ship. Everything on the ship is taken care of. Lots of people to meet, and things to do. Enjoy delicacies across multiple restaurants. Live it up while cruising down the Rhine River. Click here to take a peek at the itinerary and contact us :)

Nuremburg_s2ao2y-1-Nuremberg lighted up with pretty lights for the festive season

Nuremberg, Germany:
What can you buy?
  • Traditional Bavarian wooden ornaments
  • Nutcrackers
  • Nuremberg Rauschgoldengel – is the shiny and traditional ambassador of Christmas in Nuremberg. It is made of gold foil and wax
  • Prune man – made of the dry fruit

Christmas-Markets-025-Copy_zqpunf-1--1Christmas markets let you soak up the energy before the big day…

Regensberg, Germany:
What can you buy?
  • Varieties of candle votive holders
  • Wooden toys and dolls
  • Beautiful ceramic

Beautiful light show pieces at display

Passau, Germany:
What can you buy?
  • Bohemian glass ornaments from Czech Republic
  • Locally produced honey
  • Beeswax candles

15406345014_c8a787ef09_z_alupet-1-Markets lined up in the city square where travels strolls through the stalls

What can you buy?
  • Hand-blown glass,
  • Jewellery,
  • Candles
  • Hand painted, pressed tin ornaments
  • Interestingly handmade baby cribs too!

Food_szd87h-1-From Left (clockwise) – Apfelstrudel, Lebkuchen, Maroni, Dark and rich fruitcakes

  • Apfel Strudel – Apple Strudel is a popular Viennese pastry that one must try.
  • Maroni – Is a traditional winter snack that is available in Vienna. It is roasted chestnut that is sold in packets in and around Christmas markets to the passersby
  • Bratwurst – A type of German sausage made of veal, pork or beef
  • Lebkuchen – A traditional German Christmas treat that is similar to gingerbread
  • Dark and rich fruitcakes
  • Mandeln – Almonds

drink1_unwa4x-1-From Left (clockwise) – Glühwein, Punsch, Heidelbeer Glühwein

  • Glühwein – German mulled wine
  • Punsch – local liquor of Sweden and Finland produced from Arrack
  • Heidelbeer Glühwein – German mulled wine from European blueberries
Why hitting Christmas markets in Europe makes it to the bucket list?
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