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On the streets of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is imagined to be an exotic and fabled destination. It is far from familiar and is also considered the showstopper of destinations in Central Asia. Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent have never failed to impress travellers. The architecture, the people, and the food are a great mix for an enjoyable vacation. One of the most interesting parts of these cities, especially Bukhara, is the street. There is buzz always, and one can see fashion shows, cultural performance and more. All while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

IMG-20160515-WA0009_vdz32i-1-Uzbek women put on a great fashion show for their audience.

IMG-20160515-WA0008_nnnx5j-1-The ensembles were unlike any that travellers have seen before, especially the headgear.

IMG-20160515-WA0008_nnnx5j-1--1The women walked down the street and showed off their fancy capes with style

IMG-20160511-WA0046_trgvfi-1-The show fascinated many on the streets and tempted them to shop for the wares in the nearby stalls

On the streets of Uzbekistan
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