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The temples of Humankind - Secret temple of Italy

The temples of Humankind is set in the foothills of Alps in the northern Italy – about 50 km from Turin. It is currently a national treasure and open to the public. However, this was not always the case. It was in 1978 that a group of 15 people headed by Oberto Airaudi began digging in the foothills of the Alps, northern region of Italy. They only used hand picks and hammer. The first night, they reached about one meter inside the mountain.

temples-of-humankind-damanhur-42_sqdgda-1-Detailed work of frescoes in the temple

They worked in secrecy for about fifteen years. They took turns in working and only a very few artists in the town knew about this. However, in 1992, an anonymous letter tipped off the officials who announced a raid. They, in fact, threatened to blow the place up with dynamite if the locals did not reveal the truth. With no choice left, the Damanhurians led the officials to the excavated sanctuaries.

temples-of-humankind-damanhur-125_ir68hl-1-The hallways of the temple

What greeted them was something that they had never seen before. The first temple, Hall of Earth was so beautiful that the officials jaw dropped. There were many other themed halls, where the themes were artfully depicted with murals, frescoes, mosaics and crystals.

Apparently, by the end of the tour, the officials were almost in tears for the art was pure and touching. Hence, instead of probably destroying the underground temples, they fought along with the Damanhurians to gain legal permission for the excavated art sanctuary. A legal battle ensued after which the Italian government granted retrospective permission for the building.

temples-of-humankind-damanhur-112_oylb4y-1-One of the themed halls depicting beautiful art

Today this contemporary cathedral is visited by thousands of people from around the world. It has been a source of inspiration for people, has been the venue of choice for important occasions like weddings and also a calm space for meditation if you are a spiritual wanderer.

The temple has different halls like the Hall of Earth, of Water, of the Spheres, of Metals, the Blue temple, and the labyrinth. The temples are also known to be built on the meeting point of Synchronic Lines where the Earth meets the cosmos. There is only one other place where four Synchronic Lines converge and that is Tibet.

The temples of Humankind - Secret temple of Italy
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