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Different shades of the Pangong Tso

The Pangong Tso gained maximum recognition post the release of Bollywood movie, Three Idiots. However, it is not just the movie that attracts travellers and tourists here. From the first view of the lake from above, to when you arrive at the lake shore for camping - it is a mysterious calm that envelops you.

The third week at Pangong Tso –Photo: Priyanka Sundar

Every time you look at the lake, you see something new. The light reflected off the lake looks like a jewelled crown that keeps changing its colours. From dark blue, turquoise, sky blue, and indigo to brown; one can see it all.

The lake located at 14, 270 ft above sea level is a great place for a walk by yourself as you reflect and spend some time in deafening silence. To break this silence is tantamount to being on the edge of discovery and tripping head first. For sometimes, silence is a welcome change. The sun sets here at 7.30 pm and invigorated by the walk, I walked up to the camp and enjoyed some hot soup. When I came out of the dining camp, what awaited me was one of the best sights of my life!

First week at Pangong Tso – Photo: Priyanka Sundar

For a city girl like me, who tries to find stars with her astronomy app, it was overwhelming to see the blanket of stars here at nightfall. While arrangements for the barbeque were being done, I was struck speechless by the sight. It is said that a photograph is worth a thousand words. However, in this case, even a beautifully clicked picture will not be able to explain what one feels sitting in the lap of nature – surrounded by mountains, stars twinkling overhead and the breeze that ruffles through your hair. It is for this reason that one has to experience Pangong Tso!

Different shades of the Pangong Tso
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