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Want to Spot the Northern Lights? Look No Further Than Norway!

When you ask any avid traveller about their bucket list, you’ll find that witnessing the Northern Lights tops most lists. But spotting this magnificent natural phenomena requires the perfect timing and the perfect location. The best time to watch this wonder of nature is anytime between December to March with the perfect location being in the Northern Hemisphere.

Remember, The higher the latitude, the better your chances of seeing the Northern Lights!

Talking about the Northern Hemisphere there are places in Alaska, Finland, Greenland and Sweden from where the Northern Lights are also visible.Here is a comparison on which country to pick:


This country is one of the best places to witness the Lights. But accessibility is a major problem for this place. This sparsely populated country offers the best view of Northern Lights but only if you can manage to get access to the small town of Kangerlussuaq in Greenland


The nation of Iceland is also a great place to spot the Lights. It is also famous for its hot springs and geysers. However, it is one of the more expensive places on this list to visit.


This place in USA is another perfect destination for wanderers wishing to chase the Northern Lights. But be prepared for an expedition! You will be experiencing temperatures as low as -45 deg C.


Abisko in Sweden attracts tourists from around the globe during the the Northern Lights season. The place where this elusive and ethereal sight, can be witnessed is 70 miles northwest to Abisko National Park. This is a great location, (but not as closer to the arctic circle as Norway is).


This place is no doubt one of the best places to spot this splendid natural light show but the low temperatures are the matter of concern here. It might get difficult to spot the beautiful auroras while shivering throughout the night.



Svalbard and Tromso in Norway are the two cities which attracts thousands of travellers every year to witness this spectacular natural light show. Located between the 74th and 81st parallel north, this region lies deep in the Arctic circle. (Deeper than any of the locations above, with the exception of Greenland).
Plus there is the Polar Night phenomenon. You’ll find the region without daylight and instead bathed in a blue twilight which makes spotting the lights much easier. Apart from the Northern Lights, Norway is a country of almost incredible natural beauty. From its fairy-tale like fjords to its glacier plateaus, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Sumitra Senapaty

Sumitra Senapaty

Sumitra Senapaty is the founder of The WOW Club. She logged thousands of miles around the world as a wanderer, culminating with the creation of the WOW Club travel platform for Women.

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Want to Spot the Northern Lights? Look No Further Than Norway!
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