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Say Hello to your neighbours without the hassles of a Visa

Travelling is fun but sometimes setting your travel documents straight is one of the most annoying things. But did you know being an Indian national lets you to visit several countries without worrying about a visa? And to add to your pleasant surprise, 4 of these countries are right next door!

Visa free travel for Indians


This Himalayan kingdom tops the destination checklist of every tourist from India. This is because you do not need any visa or passport to travel to Nepal. Nepal allows entry to any Indian citizens if they can submit a valid ID proof issued by the Government of India. Isn’t that just wonderful? You can literally just peep in to say ‘Hello’ to your neighbour.


The Land of Happiness never fails to enthrall travellers. Bhutan allows all the citizens of India to enter without any visa. So if you are planning for a trek to Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest Monastery do not think twice as you are on the right path wanderers. Travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan to replenish your account of happiness.


Want to spend some quality time in an exotic beach resorts in the Indian Ocean? Then look no further than the Maldives. This country issues a free visa on arrival for a period of 30 days to Indian citizens. So indulge yourself in a hassle free trip to the Maldives and soak yourself in the beauty of the Indian ocean.


Planning for a trip to Mauritius? Then here the good news – All India citizens can enter and stay up to a period of 60 days. All you need is a valid Indian passport and your return ticket. Similar to Maldives, this island nation is full of great beaches and fun experiences!

There are many other countries like Thailand, Fiji, Micronesia, Laos, Macau etc. which allows Indian passport holders to visit these countries without any visa or provides visa on arrival.

So Hurry! Set out on your journey to strengthen the bond of friendship with your neighbours.

Bon Voyage!



A passionate writer and traveler, Devleena loves to explore life by travelling to new places and penning down her experiences. Along with travelogues she loves to pen down poems and short stories

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Say Hello to your neighbours without the hassles of a Visa
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